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Continuous Level measuring device CLM

The Continuous Level Measurement device "CLM" is a reliable, simple device to detect the quantity of material inside a silo. In fact, this device shows the real situation of the minimum-medium-maximum level of material inside a silo. Unlike ultra-sounds or radar-level-measurement devices, the CLM does not suffer from the material compactness or powdery environment. The CLM is endowed with an electronic-detection system to manage and check the measuring level and to send data to the PC. The system can be based both on manual or programmed level detection. Both cases involve the relief of a weight (galvanized-steel) up to reach and "touch" the material; at this point the weight automatically returns to its original position and measures the distance from the top of the silo. Should a software is used (optional), it will be possible to manage the entire cycle of processing, with the possibility to implement some functions such as visualization of the real weight of material stored, etc. The system has been designed to manage more than 100 silos in battery connected in parallel wiht only one directional bus (4-wires cable up to a 2 km.distance), or via radio.

Detection indipendent of environment conditions
Detection indipendent of product characteristics
Possibility to have more devices in parallel
Easy and quick installation
Detectable height up to 100 meters
Resolution upt to 5 cm.
Working termperatures from - 10° C to +70° C
Available voltages 110 / 220 V ac ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
Weight 4 kg approx

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