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Level Indicator NANO TRL

A special type of level indicator among  silo’s accessories characterized by very small dimensions but high performances is the rotating-fan-level  NANO TRL.
This type of level indicator  is a very simple, reliable device used to measure the level of powders or granules inside a small hopper.

It is available in the threaded version.
Typical fields of application are: cement, ceramics, plastics, animal feed, foundry, foodstuff.

Weight:  approx. 1 kg.
Operating Temperature:  -15 a +80°C
Max operating pressure:  0,5 Bar

Voltage 24/48/110/220V. Alternating Current
Voltage 12/24V. Continuous Current

Protection and Rod made of INOX on self-lubricating tighten bearings IP 66.
Standard protections: antiliquid/powder paraoil before bearing.
Fixing: Standard threaded fixing (1" - 1"1/2 - 2" - 2"1/2G)
Antibreaking motor with clutch
Sensitivity setting: 3 positions
Standard Voltage: 24 - 115 - 230 Vac  ± 10% 50/60Hz
                 12 - 24 Vac 50/60Hz 
Special voltages: Bi-voltage  24-48 o 115/230Vac
Operating Temperature: -15°C + 80°C
Max working current:  4A 250Vca - Absorption: 3VA
Box: alluminium/stainless steel - protection grade IP66
Parts in contact with the product: stainless steel  304, blade made of aluminium or Pvc, stainless steel

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