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Pressure Relief Valve SDP250

It is well known that a big variation in pressure, during the filling of silos, may occur; generally it is caused by a malfunctioning filter, variation of temperature, fermentation etc... The valve SDP250 is an over/under pressure-relief-valve to be used in case of an overpressure (risk of explosion) or a under-pressure (risk of implosion). The valve SDP250 releases the exceeding air or inlets the necessary air to compensate a pressure depression balancing this way the situation inside the silo. The SDP250 is suitable for many applications and can be used in various type of bins, hopper, tanks (not tested or subject to specific regulations) in many sectors: ceramic industry, cement, milling, chemical, etc. The SDP250 can be fitted to the  connecting piece welded  to the silo  by means of a clamp.
IMPORTANT: The SDP250 is not a venting device but only and exclusively a safety device; if the plant the valve is included in has been correctly designed and studied, the valve will not get into operation. After the action the valve will close and seal again. The standard valve SDP250 is supplied in carbon steel (cold galvanized) complete with eyebolts for lifting. Upon request it is supplied in AISI 304. Standard pressure is set to  –20 mm H2O.