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Bag filter BF 1812

During pneumatic charging or moving powdery materials create powdery air. This powdery air, because of very small particles, turns out to be dangerous for man if inhaled. That is why it is absolutely necessary for this air to be filtered before reaching the ambient; that means that powdery parts must be held by means of a tissue/non-tissue material so that the resulting air into the outside ambient has a very low dust residue. GVF Components has designed some modular solutions - usable on silos or on ground - fitted with one or more inlet ports reaching the filter to be able to inhale up to 4 points, by means of a inhaling-group. The cleaning is carried out by blowing compressed air (air pulse jets).

Voltage: standard 24 V dc.
Different voltage: on request

Filter type: Bag filter
Filtering media: 12
N° of bags: 18; dim. 120x750 mm
Body: Aisi 304
Cleaning system: Compressed air
Standard Tissue: Fine Polyester fabric 500 gr/

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