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Cartridge venting filter FTS 24 JC

FTS 24 JC is a cartridge venting filter designed to be installed on top of silos, mostly in the cement field. Minimum dimensions and quick opening devices allow full safety, quick and trouble-free maintenance for the operator.

Main characteristics are:
- external case completely made of stainless steel against athmospheric agents;
- connection to silo by means of a rotating flange
- which allows the installation even in narrow places
- giving the possibility to rotate the filter in presence of obstacles (if any: wires,....) during installation;
- cartridge-washing timing control panel installed inside the filter (prevents from accidental impacts and protects against atmosphere agents);
- opening cover complete with strong self locking HD catch with a open-closed system which helps to reach the componing parts which need maintenance;
- new gasket sytstem for guarantee the sealing.

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