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Pneumatic control board PBOX

The Pneumatic Control Board “PBOX” has been designed to be able to pneumatically control one ore more valves, keeping the pneumatic components closed inside a plastic box, as to protect them against powders, atmospheric agents, dirt, etc. Externally it is like a close box and it is fitted with an air inlet (from the net) at operator’s disposal as well as one or two outlets depending on the different users. Inside the “PBOX” there are a ”¼” pressure reducer, 1 or 2 solenoids, or 1 or 2 adjustable pressure switches, etc. The board is made of a plastic box IP55 and measures about 265x174x92 mm. The control board is normally used when operating with two valves working as bypass or when charging silos.

Standard Voltage: 24 V dc
Different voltages: upon request

PBOX1 Generally it is used for charging silos. It controls one only valve, and checks - by means of the pressure switch - failure of the pinch (if any).

Generally it is used in a system of valves when these are used as BYPASS. It controls two valves and checks - by means of a pressure switch - the failure of the pinch (if any).

PBOX1-24DC PBOX = pneumatic control board
PBOX1 = one solenoid and only one pressure switch
PBOX2 = one solenoid and two pressure switches
POBOX124DC = Voltage and tension 24V dc

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