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Flow-aid system VFG

Everybody knowns that when powders are stocked the air inside makes the same powders more fluent and easily-handled: that is why we make a distinction between powders' apparent weight (when there is air among particles) and real weight (no air among particles); when stocked particles tend to loose air and compact themselves due to the material' s weight. Obviously, it is clear that by inletting air by means of fluidizers, the material inside becomes fluid again.

For this reason, GVF Components srl has designed the vibrofluidizers type VFG to fluidize powders inside containers by means of a doble action as follows:
1. keep powders ventilated by inletting air, which coming out with a 360° angle raises the rubber;
2. cause the coming-out of air and the consequent raising of the rubber which result in the vibration of the rubber itself which affecting the material helps the descent of material removing it from the walls.

The vibrofluidizer type VFG is made of a metallic part (Shaft) which comes out from the external part of the hopper and which is fitted with the air inlet, and a rubber part which produces the vibration. The particular shape and the vibration of the rubber makes the system self-cleaning; the powder, in fact, does not stick on the VFG. Besides, the inlet air causes an opening of the vibrating part and when the air flow stops the rubber seals against the wall avoiding the return of the powders to the pneumatic feeding system.
Easy to install (it is necessary a 22 mm hole) the VFG is suitable for new or already existent hoppers and bins with a cheap and simple application.
VFG are sold in box containing 6, 50 or 100 pieces.

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