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Antistick system FLUO

The antistick system FLUO comes out from the activity of research and development of GVF Components which proposes this item to grant better performances than those of the traditional systems such as fluidification pads, etc..
In fact, these devices are efficient when  installed; however, as soon as the air passing through the porous section becomes humid the fluidization surface becomes dirty and the fluidization  systems stop working. Besides, the fact of having inside the hopper or silo a non-usable equipment but, nevertheless bulky, worsens the fluidification process, creates obstacles to the passage of material, small bridges etc.. That is why the development of  a new system which is EASY to install, QUICK, SIMPLE to use and manage, ALWAYS EFFICIENT AND CHEAP.

The first and most important characteristic is that the FLUO IS EXTRACTABLE which means that it is efficient and it is possible to make maintenance whenever necessary: the FLUO can be removed from the hopper or the silo (to make maintenance) because it is installed outside the tank by means of a socket welded to the wall. 
Thus, it is possible to assemble and disassemble the equipment very easily, to clean or eventually substitute the porous disc. All this make it possible to have the fluidification system always working efficiently. Besides, the application has been designed and carried out not to have protrusions from the silo's wall or surfaces where the material could lay, allowing this way the material to flow freely. Thanks to a small diameter, it can also be installed in the low part of the cone. An O-ring is applied between the FLUO and the socket avoiding this way air emissions (powdery) from the hopper.

Working pressure from 0,4 to 0,8 Bar
Air consumption 0,6 mc/min to 0,5 bar
Weight 0,4 kg approx.
Inlet 1/4" GAS

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