After a 20 years-experience in the Bulk Handling Sector, in 2001 GVF Components Srl was founded.
Born from an idea of devices and equipment especially designed and produced for handling powders, it happens to become over the years a specialized company in this sector, able to offer a very-high quality products and services for the Bulk Handling.
Today GVF Components is specialized in diverting and intercepting powders.
The production range is wide; it can be divided by "implementation" sectors: valve division (slide valves, knife valves, pinch valves, diverter valves, etc…); silos' accessories division (material level control, material level probes, antistick devices, vibrators, pressure relief valves, silo-safety device, press switch, pneumatic control boards, bag filters, sleeve filters…fluidizing systems, hammering systems…etc); components division (anti-wearing bends, screw feeders, fittings, couplings, etc..) which also includes the Magnetic Elements (magnetic bars, deferrizers, magnetic grids, rectangular or circular magnetic pipe…).

Development and relative implementation of efficient technical solutions such as the anti-wearing bends, the pinch valves, multi-ways diverters, gravity diverters, turn out to be an important decrease in wear and tear affecting the plants. At the same time such solutions can reduce maintenance times as well as production shut-downs thus making productivity and managing of the plants more efficient and profitable.

Due to a wide experience done in facing customers' problems GVF COMPONENTS could achieve a high level of standardization of products.
On the other hand, skilled trained technicians can support customers in technical selection, giving suggestions on how to reduce the need of spare parts stock.
The commercial strength of the company is based on an efficient net of agents and distributors who can reach and assist customers for any need.

Satisfaction of customer is the aim of the company. The customer is both seed and fruit of new commercial strategies and basis for future development.

The other important objective of GVF Components is to conquer the national and international market for the high quality of its products. Devices and equipment which can be fit for silos' accessories and powders handling are the result of a continuous work of research and development, starting point of the innovation policy of the Italian company